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Please remit the amount under “Total” (equal to the Unit Price plus the charge for Postage & Packing), from the table corresponding to your address, for the selected book, to our bank account with identification as follows:

IBAN:                    BG97 UNCR 7000 1503 9922 48


Account holder:  DUKATY Ltd.

Currency:             EUR

Please do not forget to provide your choice of book and the address where it should be shipped to, as a reference for the payment.

Please make sure you specify the amount to be transferred as “net,” thus advising your bank to cover the transfer charges, if any, and to provide explicit statement to that effect to its counterpart: Bulgarian banks do not miss the opportunity to charge for anything and everything, unless an absolving proof could be produced.

We recommend that you send us separately an e-mail advising us of your payment, and providing above information there.

                          All prices in Euro (Totals)

Code     To be shipped inside Bulgaria      To be shipped outside Bulgaria

EN1                         19                                          23
EN2                         66                                          76
EN3                         11                                          15
BG1                          9                                           13
BG2                          9                                           13
BG3                        14                                           20
BG4                          9                                           13
BG5                          9                                           13
BG6                          9                                           13
BG7                          9                                           13
BG8                         17                                          20

The table to the right is a summary from the tables you’ve already seen. It is provided in order to assist you when making the bank transfer, as a reminder of the Totals.

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